We sell young stock, breeding bulls and breeding cows.

It is important that there is a match between you and the animal as well as the conditions offered.

Do you have a herd of Highland Cattle and do you want to have "new blood" in the herd by purchasing a bull? Then of course it is important that you know the background of the bull in question.

All animals from The Anloo Fold are registered with CRV Delta. Here all data concerning the  animals’ pedigree are recorded.

In addition, The Anloo Fold is included in the studbook registration of the Scottish breeders' association (The Highland Cattle Society) and the German breeders' association (Highland Cattle Zuchtverband Niedersachsen e.V.)
Our animals are free from IBR and Leptospirosis.

Animals can also be sold internationally. In that case, we will provide the necessary documents and, if required, we will keep the animals in quarantine.


Grazing cattle in nature

Do you have a plot of land and would you like it to be grazed by Highland Cattle?

Then together with you we will look at the possibilities. These depend on your wishes, but also on the plot size and the composition of the crops. Is it a sparseplot? Then fewer animals can graze on it than on a plot with a lot of nutrition.

“We control the entire chain from A to Z. That is very special.”